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"If a manganaro gets too close, its time to bring out the beaver suppressant."
by D.E March 19, 2004
The term given to those who have endured a beaver attack. The main targets of a beaver attack are toddlers and the elderly, and for this reason the highest proportion of beaverised people are found in these two groups. Beaverised persons usually require months of councilling to recover.
"Poor old Joe got beaverised yesterday."

"Don't walk through the swamps at night or you'll get beaverised.
by D.E March 18, 2004
The scientific name of the Pananian Marsh Beaver. Chosen to reflect the species intelligence (or lack thereof). Beaverus Ignoramus is currently listed as a pest, and the PBSP is working tirelessly to rid the Panania of this unwanted species.
"Beaverus Ignoramus is truly the only animal on Earth that serves no actual purpose."
by D.E March 19, 2004
Rumoured to be a secret military project that went wrong, Weapons of Monitor Destruction or WOMDs are completely denied by all respective agencies. There is mounting proof that manganaro is a WOMD due to a classroom incident that took place recently. Possibly another side effect of MBD.
"Watch out dude, that guy is a WOMD, better hide your computer!"
by D.E March 18, 2004
Pananian Beaver Steralisation Program. A community initiative of Panania in which local residents take part in the steralisation of the beaver population during weekends. The PBSP was created to combat rising beaver-related violence in the area due to MBD. Currently the PBSP has steralised 10% of the beaver population, this has resulted in minor decreases of beaver-related incidents.
"Hey Joe are you gonna take part in the PBSP this weekend? We need all the help we can get."
by D.E March 18, 2004
The native beaver of the Panania region. Known for its tempermental state and cases of extreme violence towards humans and other species. Found in the Pananian Marshes, its size varies from that of a normal beaver to the huge specimens found near nuclear waste barrels. Currently the target of a steralisation program by the PBSP.
Known diseases/issues: MBD, tendency to go mango.
"Run! Its a pananian marsh beaver!"

"That Pananian marsh beaver beaverised that little boy for no apparent reason."
by D.E March 18, 2004
Beaver Free Zone. BFZs are containment zones put in place by PBSPvolunteers. Any beaver found crossing into a BFZ is exterminated on site. At present there are two major BFZs and three minor BFZs located in Panania. Beaver-related problems are the lowest in these areas due to the hard work of the PBSP volunteers.
"Did you hear about that beaver that crossed into the BFZ? Yeah they pumped him full of lead real good."
by D.E March 18, 2004

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