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when a person copies another person such as acting,trying to be,or doing something like that person
man you is a getwit,always wearin' what he be wearin!
by D.B March 28, 2006

1. Is an acronym describing beautiful women who are PHATabulous!! Pretty Hot and Thick.

2. Phrase made famous by actress/comediene/author Monique in her new movie PHAT GIRLZ that starts playing in theaters today.

3. Can also mean Pretty Hot N Temptin....as quoted by Chris Tucker in "Money Talks"
Today I want you to thing BIG baby!!!....PHAT GIRLZ in theaters April 7th (Monique)

"James, I'm jealous....why yeen tell me you had such a PHAT ass girl man?? I'm stunned by ya PHATness....PHAT, P.H.A.T. pretty hot n temptin.
by D.B April 07, 2006
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