1 definition by D.A.E.M

A girl that has a very different personality.
Sometimes she never realizes what is in front of her, she has very many friends. Not many Bestest Friends, but her bestest friends are the big part of her life. She is a very energetic, and happy person most of the time. But when something hits her hard, she doesnt see it in a very good way. She always assums the worst, and gets angry fast. When she is older, or old enough, she wants to find the typical perfect guy. (Always be there until there old, cute, amazing smile, ect.) She is a very beautiful, and intelligent girl, she is very smart, and has a very strong artistic side to her (musically to). She always shines the brightest and never gives up trying.
Kenny:Hey guess what dude!
Kenny:I met this new girl
Kenny: Yeah her name is Daniella!
Carlos: Dude Daniella is so hot and cool.
Kenny: i know!

Carlos: i want a daniella!!

Kenny: ill introduce
Carlos: YES!:)
by D.A.E.M April 03, 2010

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