37 definitions by D. Ferrel

1. The amusment park in which the Grizzwalds fought through hell to get to.

2. What Wally Cleaver would tell chumps when they entered his turf.
1. Clark Grizzwald: "Hey kids, we're going to Wally World"

2. Wally Cleaver: "You better step fool...you just entered Wally World."
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
One word: Hypocrisy
Organized religion is not for me....just a bunch of hyprocrites.
by D. Ferrel September 26, 2003
I think the extra U emphasizes the insertion of the word "You" as in You Ugly.
A perfect example can be found in Flick - Wild Cats.

"U-G-L-Y...you ain't got no alibi Uugly, Uugly...yo mama say Uugly"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
Calendar Hoes that are featured in the month of May.
"Damn fool, did you get a glimps of dem Maytrix."
by D. Ferrel September 25, 2003
An explosion in the Assmosphere. In otherwords, a big ass fart.
"My god, he just ripped a Galaxy Explosion"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
The pact taken after you burn your ass on the asphalt in a roller skating accident. Can't wash it cause it will burn too much.
"Shit hurts fool....I'll never wash my cheek"
by D. Ferrel September 25, 2003
what you get when you fart against the wind.
"I farted south but unfortunately the wind was blowing north, thus I got a backdraft"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
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