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A term widely used in Natural Selection to refer to the shotgun.
PoopskilletPappy - hey com shotty plz
187Commandar - suck my dick
by D-san September 06, 2003
The common name for fake YuGiOh cards. These can be differentiated by the little holographic square in the corner. If it has an eye symbol, it's real. If not, someone is trying to swindle you.
Kids get suckered every day into buying fake YuGiOh cards.
by D-san September 06, 2003
The infamous phrase from the Zork games.
"Hello sailor."
by D-san July 16, 2003
What to call someone when they fart.
One of you guys fucking guys farted...stinky fuckers.
by D-san July 12, 2003
Oh, I forgot to mention in the last entry: it's Japanese for "Call me Princess."
See above.
by D-san September 05, 2003
An acronym for "Hope Diamond of Fucked-Upness."
"Dammit! Hdofu locked my topic!"
by D-san July 12, 2003
Also known as "The Nine Hells," a place where the Lawful Evil characters from any version of Dungeons & Dragons go when they die.
"The stench of Baator lies thick around you, skull."
by D-san July 12, 2003
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