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A boy whose capapbilities are lacking on all degrees. This person will often say comments and laugh not realizing he is the only one laughing. This person will often have an extrememly and abnormally large grape or head. This person will often walk around boasting about his strength and physique but can only back it up with evidence of a non-muscular gut which protrudes greatly from his abdomen.

It is possible that this person may also lack excellent vision from one eye or the other due to stabbing himself in the eye with a gerber mult-tool while tightening a zip tie which doesnt require a gerber multi tool to tighten. If one finds this person, it is recommended they contact the nearest insane asylum or psychiatric ward for proper containment of this person. One can only hope this person will not infect mankind with its genes by reproducing with any female. Females should take great caution if encountering this person.

Other names for this person may be: Rowario or Dirtbag
guy 1,"Is that a christopherosas in the bushes?"
guy2,"I dont know but we better call the psych ward to get him"
guy 1,"GREAT IDEA"

"Man, Im losing brain cells from talking to you, you sound like a real christopherosas"
"Look, its a christopherosas, throw something at it"

guy,"They calling me Hansom"
girl,"Are you christopherosas?"
guy,"Well Yes I am"
girl,"SOMEBODY HELPP! its christopherosas"
by D-RO_Jerabek December 21, 2010

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