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Mostly white males generally ranging in age from mid teens to mid thirties. A Bro can usually be identified by his flat billed baseball cap, sunglasses, t-shirt with a large logo, lack of shirt, shorts, black socks and puffy shoes. Bro's often have many leg, arm, chest and back tattoos. The early Bro's had what is commonly known as a tribal tattoo. As Bro's have evolved so have their tattoos. Their tattoos are now obtained to express pride for their name, names of their offspring, city of origin or brands they have an affection for. Large populations of Bro's can be found in the Inland Empire. Scientists believe the Bro likes the Inland Empire because of it's proximity to beaches, mountains, deserts, "the river" and trashy people. Bro's are easily offended and should always be approached with caution. Bro's tend to choose one or more Bro Ho (see Bro Ho) as their mate. Bro's are generally of equal or lesser intelligence to their chosen mate but the Bro tends to believe that not only is he more intelligent than his mate but he is more intelligent than every other human being. The Bro's over sized ego is often the cause of conflict in the Bro's relationship to the Bro Ho. This conflict often cause loud fights between the Bro and Bro Ho. These fights are just part of the Bro mating ritual and it is best to avoid getting involved.
by D-Pants March 28, 2012
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