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A Radix is a situation or event that is chaotic, unorganized, disorderly, miscombobulated, rowdy or wild.
That tailgate party was a total Radix, there was crowd surfing, fights, and people fucking.
by D-HOUSE May 22, 2011
In the phrase Arbor Moist, Arbor is dually derived from the city of Ann Arbor MI and the brand of wine called Arbor Mist. Moist is a play on that word mist that means soft, weak, whipped, girly. Essentially Arbor Moist is a guy that is one of the preceeding adjectives. Historically an Arbor Moist award is given to individual acts of softness amongst groups of friends in Ann Arbor. Arbor Moist award would go to a guy that does things like drink wine, specifically Arbor Mist, while being so wrapped up in his relationship that he becomes metrosexual.
Andy gets the Arbor Moist Award, he was drinking wine and rubbing Amandas feet last night while all the other guys were playing beer pong, talking about football, pounding their hairy chests and checking out the curves on females.
by D-HOUSE May 22, 2011
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