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In reggaeton, a tiradera is lyrical battle, beef, or rivalry.
For a period of time, the battle between Daddy Yankee and Nicky Jam was a tiradera.
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
Making a shot right in someone's face. They could be playin great D and you still nail the shot. This term was made popular in Jersey 34 BBall camp back in 2000.
Imma name my son J'd'em, cause he gonna get my ability to make J's

by D-Block_NJ March 25, 2006
A male that bullies or abuses his girls
Damn, look at her. She has a black eye again. Her man must be un abusador.
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
This is like saying “my crew”, “my gang” or when
someone calls his/her group “the best ones” or “the sick ones.” This is usually used by Hector El Bambino when he gathers a compilation of artists for
an album like "Sangre Nueva"

"Los Anormales" was a great reggaeton album that featured the hit "Machete" by Daddy Yankee
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
A phrase that is half sung/half spoken by the black kids on my high school's track team. After someone does something dumb, you are supposed to say "Go stupid" as if you were singing "Go stupid, it's yo' birthday"
*A person trips*
"Go stupid"
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
Puerto Rican and Dominican slang for an AK47.
"La calle me llama,
oh boy I love da drama,
have you seen a boricua loco chasing you con un aka" - Daddy Yankee (on the What You Gon Do Latino remix)
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
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