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An individual who advocates beliefs of extreme discrimination or prejudice based on race as an entirety, discriminating each race at an equally excessive level.
I asked Brian, "Are you a redneck?"

He replied, "No, im a racial extremist...I hate everyone equally"
by D the J August 08, 2005
Beer Pong, also known as "Pong", is a drinking game that involves propelling a table tennis ball across a table with the goal of making the ball hit or land in one of several cups of beer. It involves two, four, or sometimes more players using paddles to hit the ball towards the cups of their opponents with the goal of hitting a cup or sinking the ball in a cup.

It is common to find a variation of the game played without paddles, which is typically called "Beruit." The definition of beruit can be simply put as, beer pong with out paddles. It is a correct understanding that all forms of beruit are forms of beer pong, but all forms of beer pong are not forms of beruit. Therefore, it should be known that beer pong played without paddles is officially "Beruit Beer Pong" or simply "beruit" for short.

It should be known that the rules of Beer Pong vary with each person who plays it. Therefore, no official rules can truly be declared during a game without the consent of the event host or the house rules, if there are any on display.
Johnny and Bill brought four brews back from the garage to play beer pong with Freddie and Joe. However, they could not find paddles, so they played beruit instead.
by D the J August 05, 2005

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