1 definition by D Wyles

A bunch of pussy fathers who work on wall street who breed even bigger pussy kids. Similar to the towns of Bronxville, Scarsdale and Bedford.
Dylan: Wow, fighting those Rye kids was pretty Easy.
Mancini: Yea, it was 2 on 20 and we beat the shit out of all of them.
Dylan: Wow what a bunch of pussies.
Mancini: Fuck dude we might get sued.
Dylan: Fuck them those bunch of pussified bitches. Call Daddy thats right call your Daddy.
* There are some exceptions. Corey Dagastino is coo, Jake is coo, and that little fucker i worked with from soundview is cool. Everyone else suck my dick.
by D Wyles March 21, 2006

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