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3 definitions by D Rock

two boys taking nude pictures together while strandling a cement pagoda
Austin and Tony are two pagoda boys!
by D Rock May 26, 2004
5 9
combination of rank and nasty, usually used in a sexual context
I'd love to tap that sweet honeyhole but Austin's been there before and he told me it smelled rasty.
by D Rock June 02, 2004
8 19
Spelt correcty: bEh

1) An expression of surprise and resentment.
2) An expression of shock
3) An expression of confusion
4) An expression of _____

the question form of meh.

Coined by Mr Marauski
1) Clean up your trash! >> BEH?!
2) I donkey punched your mom! >> BEH?!!!??
3) BONESAW!! >> BEH???
4) >> bEh?!
by D Rock May 14, 2003
9 31