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This is my "definition" of a Juggalo.....
(i use quotations because this word cannot truly be defined)

First off, let me just say that the word "Juggalo" (coined by the musical group "Insane Clown Posse") is a loose term encompassing a large portion of the world's population, and is by NO MEANS limited to describing or labeling fans or followers of ICP, psychopathic records, or the Dark Carnival.

Basically, a Juggalo is a person, animal, fictional character, aluminium can, etc. who doesnt see themselves as "normal" ..... In most cases, self-proclaimed Juggalo's come from middle- to lower-class society, and grew up being led to believe that being "different" makes you different. At some point, they rejected this bullshit, in most cases not without help from the music of ICP or related artists.

In any case, you can pretty much lump the majority of the following people into the category of "Juggalo":
-Free Thinker's

and basically anybody who doesn't give a fuck about what others think of them.

see also:
Jack: Billy, what is a Juggalo?

Billy: I dont know... but im down wit da clown, n im down 4 life joe!

Jack: so Billy, when are you gonna take a fuckin shower???

Billy: Fuck you, Jack!
by D Ghost March 10, 2008

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