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2 definitions by D@yne

Fabulous rock band from New York. Credited as one of the major players in the early '01/'02 garage rock revival (along with the Hives and the White Stripes and to a lesser extent the Vines), they have continually improved and expanded their sound over the years. Have released 3 albums so far (Is This It, Room On Fire & First Impressions Of Earth) and look to be moving from strength to strength. Excellent to look at or listen to, they are the embodiment of "cool" and hipster-chic
Random idiot #1 - Did you see the strokes play last night?
Random idiot #2 - Yeah man they were too rad if anything
Random idiot #1 - Fully man
by D@yne August 03, 2006
To partake in the consumption of marijuana (namely in the form of bong or pipe). Derived from "cone" which transformed into "coin" which turned into "quin" which eventually evolved into "quincey". All very loose and irrelevant connections to the original word, however this natural progression has seen quincey become a bona fide term for such an activity.
Stoner 1: "Man I had the shittest day at the office hey..."
Stoner 2: "Ohhh really, I know what you need then."
Stoner 1: "What? A gun?"
Stoner 2: "Nah mans, just a heap of quincey"
Stoner 1: "Fully man"
Stoner 2: "Sick"
by D@yne October 17, 2006