1 definition by D@Z3

upper manhattan by map it starts in 149st or 150st all the way to 200st its mostly populated by dominicans and during the late 70's tru early 90's it was called crack city couse 90% of the crack in nyc passed or was from washington heights!though in recent years the crime rate has lowerd dramatically and i mean dramatically local gangs still flourish tru its streets like 3rd mob which is no more d.d.p,trinitario,bloods,a few ckrips,my fav latin kings,the smallest but deadliest 1st mob!
oye muchacho y to esa paka q tu tiene!nada mas en washington heights oh oh klk(yo son was ggod wit all dat guap "money" dat u got!only in washington heights oh oh was good!

homie im from da heightz wer we get it poppin and dat haze is light up more than bill gates has hundreds!

by D@Z3 September 15, 2006

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