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1) a bad situation that involves many different smaller situations to create one massive insanely intense ordeal.

2)when to many things happen at once, making it extremely hard to comprehend.
1) Holy shit! i can't believe my girlfriend was fucking your boyfriend, and they both got into a car accident, and your brother just got arrested, and Jimmy is trying to commit suicide! This whole day was just one big clusterfuck!

2) Wait...i dont understand this movie, who the hell is that guy and why is he now pointing a gun at that other dude..? And when the fuck did they go to the jungle?
by CzarOfSlang April 21, 2010
phrase said to people who are higher then you are when they ask "whatt?" in the middle of you talking to one of your less high friends. or when you ask them a question and they have no idea what you talking about and again ask "whatttt?".
joe: yo remember when jimmy ate that weird looking cookie? haha
joe:.....shhh babys sleeping.
bob:..wait wha-
joe: your dumb.
by CzarOfSlang April 21, 2010

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