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1 definition by CypressIyago

Derich is insatiable, funny, outgoing and well versed. Talents with speech, theatrics, physical dynamic and comedic timing are intrinsic to his personality and add leverage to his already ever-growing charm. Despite particular neurotic character points, Derich's wonderful nature outshines his flaws. His commitment to family, happiness and success are well known within his close-knit circle of friends; thus, allowing him to attract the nicest, most sincere types of people as friends. Derich is a constant problem solver, which can sometimes overshadow the need for his support or understanding, however the affection and love he's capable of is something that should be written into history books. Derich is fun-loving, fresh, dynamic and amazing.
"Yeah, that's interesting. Did you see what Derich did, though?"

"Whoa, who's that charming guy? Derich? Well I'll be..."
by CypressIyago December 09, 2011
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