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Wen Niggas got 5 on a smoke session:

Usually about a 4-man twin dubsack breakdown, which is much more prefered then a 2-man face in da heights.

Whut ever silly smoking games u play with ur pothead friends.
"Hey larry u tryna get cyphz on a blunt next week"?

"Nah man i gotta drug test, ya diggz?"

"oh okay tatoez"
by CyphA Sunn September 01, 2007
The result of not measuring your breathing intervals when inhaling weed smoke.

Results in the breathing of smoke out your nose and the feeling of numbness near your heart area and lung sack.

Do not mistake for a heart attack, its just the weed man :)
Custy: "Ah shit! I knew I fucked up! Dis weed was laced, I'm gonna die!!!"

Custy2: "Nah man dats just dat afterburn dragon, you'll feel better if u just smoke some more"

Custy: "Oh ight tatoez"
by CyphA Sunn September 02, 2007
Wen a nigga puts u in ur place.

Usually a last resort for people who have to check a nigga without actually slappin his kufi off.

wen a nigga think he smarter then u n try 2 pull rank, son him out.

Person1: "Yo I brought n 8th for like $200 so I'm makin MAD pc"

Person2: ".....Nigga u a retard 8ths suppose to go for $60 u lost profit"

Person1: "Nigga stfu i been fuckin wit drugs since i was in da 7th grade whut u know bout prices?"

Person2: "First off, u 19 years old n u still in da 7th grade so I can tell u suck at math, second off I actually Sell narcotics and am pretty good at it so unless u got atleast 9 or 10 custies that can stamp ur lil ghetto report card u a loser in my book"

Narrator: Who u think got sonned out? U be da judge.
by CyphA Sunn September 02, 2007
To put it simply, a dick rider

someone who always hangs out wit a dude and laughs at his jokes to solidify his "kinship" with the individual, a parasite, a barnicle, a fuckin sonson.

Usually a kid who doesn't have any backbone to think for himself, and probably gets yelled at and scolded by said "friend", and takes it.

If you see one of these kids, either chin check em or pull their card.
Person1: "Yo dat nigga mike is a fuckin cowboy, he always laughs at that dude christian's jokes, he defends him and butts into our conversations, and I saw him gettin Sonned out, by body n da nigga didn't even do nothin!!!!"

Person2: "$12 says dat nigga mike would drink a cup of gatorade if dat nigga chris jizzed in it"

Person3: "Bet dat "
by CyphA Sunn September 02, 2007

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