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An Italian extremist who terrorizes mushrooms, gorillas, turtles, and many other poor innocent creatures. All is well in the mushroom kingdom when this terrorist invades, searching for a prostitute known as Princess Peach. None shall stand in his way, as is demonstrates when defacing the kingdom, ripping up fire flowers, destroying boxes, and murdering innocent citizens. The king of the kingdom, Dr. Bowser, tried to have a peaceful negotiation with this threat to society, but to no avail. Mario continues to threaten the once peaceful land...

He is also prominent in other locations, notably, space, where he flies from planet to planet spreading his wrath. This interstellar warfare can be seen in the Super Mario Galaxy games for Wii.

Who can stop this madman?
Guy 1: hey Mario acts all cool, but he's really a douche. What did the goombas ever do to him eh?

Guy 2: well they do move sideways in a slow manner, hoping to touch Mario and cause him to spin and fall from the screen, with annoying music in the background.

Guy 1: whatever... all I'm saying is that this dude needs to CHILLAX
by Cynixhumorz August 21, 2010

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