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1. someone who thinks they are cooler than everyone else even though their clothes look like they come from the Salvation Army. Hipsters usually migrate towards Williamsburg because its their "mecca of art and everything cool" even though they themselves are not cool. Hipsters usually reside in the up and coming condos and pay outrageous rent all the while trying to maintain that "poor artist" facade. Their clothes look like they made it themselves. Hipsters listen to music no one else has heard of and are often times dirty, smelly, and an eye-sore. They need to get themselves a cheeseburger because their way too skinny and move out of our neighborhoods. ONLY eat organic/vegan meals. Hipsters are primarily voting for Obama because hes cool.Hey Manhattan, stop moving to Brooklyn!
In a supermarket:
"Yea, um, where can I find the all-natural organic, no perservatives, no sugar fat-free ice cream?"

"I am listening to ______ and watching Trainspotting. I'm so cool."

"I dont like conformists. I like to be unique and stand out and not be associated with anything corporate."
"What's that your drinking?"
"Starbucks is a corporate company/brand dumbass."
"I'm not a conformist, I'm a hipster."
by Cyndouche October 15, 2008

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