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4 definitions by CydInSLC

Referring to the male of the human species when he's being a jerk or a tool and he's giving attitude as if he's experiencing male PMS.
Or: When a male thinks he's "all that"
I was trying to be reasonable with him but he had such Dicktitude that he was impossible to deal with!

He approached me with such Dicktitude that it was easy for me to turn him down.
by CydInSLC January 17, 2011
When cranky meets attitude!
I'm experiencing some serious cranktitude today!
by CydInSLC January 17, 2011
When you intend to take a 20 minute power nap and you wake up 2 hours later.
I was so tired after work today I just wanted to rest my eyes for a few minutes. The next thing I know, I wake up two hours later and discover that my power nap has turned into a power coma.
by CydInSLC January 20, 2011
To bathe, shower or otherwise remove the stank and/or funk from your body.
I do believe it's time to destinktify myself.
Whew! You must have worked extra hard at work today, would you please go destinktify yourself?!
by CydInSLC January 20, 2011