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Black Mage
n. 1. A practicioner of the dark arts; a witch or warlock. Typically serves demonic forces. Shortened version of black magician. 2. A class from the game series Final Fantasy, with a pointy hat and a hidden face. 3. Archetypical evil character; tragic(ally flawed) hero of 8-Bit Theatre.
1. Watch out; that man's a black magician.
2. My party includes a Black Mage and White Mage.
3. I, Black Mage, will one day kill fighter
by Cyclone231 April 22, 2004
White Mage
n. 1. A term used commonly in fantasy. Symbolizes priest without duty to religion. 2. A class in Final Fantasy and likely other videogames. 3. An 8-bit character, who Black Mage has a crush on.
See also white magic
1. Theres a White Mage in Rotterdam.
2. My party has a White Mage. Nyah nyah.
3. Better watch out for White Mages hammer.
by Cyclone231 April 22, 2004
White Magic
n. 1. A term for magic used by a White Mage. adj. 1. A term used to describe a sort of mage or person.
(n.) 1. Watch out for the white magic.
(adj.) 1. She's a white magic woman.
by Cyclone231 April 22, 2004

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