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A popular and rather successful band, Linkin Park offers something for everyone, while keeping the same timbre (that's a musical term, look it up). Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, and Meteora (excluding track 12, Session) were very well done, whereas the latest installment (feat. Jay-Z) bombed like Hell.
Friend 1: Did you hear that new song from Linkin Park?
Friend 2: You mean the new/old remixed song with Jay-Z?
Friend 1: That's the one.
Friend 2: It totally blew!
Friend 3: Bwahahaha!
by Cyberopts September 12, 2005
The practice of using visually similar characters to replace the characters of everyday words. Many wanna-be hackers (13-year-old gamers who watched The Matrix one to many times) try to sound "professional" by talking in 1337 5p34|< (leet speak) during online games and internet forums. However, with all creatures, the ability to speak does not guarantee intelligence.
Wanna be: j00 F00! 1 r0x0rs j00! 1 4/\/\ 1337 H4x0rz!

Forums Moderator: Do you even know the difference between a MAC address and an IP?
by Cyberopts July 24, 2005
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