2 definitions by CyberShoe

Contraction of albino ebonics, referring to the language spoken by a white boy from the 'burbs trying to sound like an OG from the hood. Usually met with ridicule, except when used for obviously ironic effect.
Manager: Jenkins, come see me in my office.
Jenkins: Fo' shizzle rizzle, G-dawg.
Manager: Knock that albonics bullshit off, cracka'.
by CyberShoe May 04, 2005
When you fuck a girl so hard, not only does she need a wheelchair, but she can only communicate through a blinking light with one blink for "yes" and two for "no".

Compare crippler, sense 4.
Bob: Dude, did you see Janine? Why is she in that weird blinking wheelchair thing?

Fred: Yeah, Steve totally have her a Captain Pike.
by cybershoe May 26, 2009

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