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A woman's trunk that surpasses being classified as junk, and is in fact chunk.

In other words, a very fat woman's butt that is no longer attractive to anyone.
Hopeful Guy: Hey dude look at the junk that girl has in her trunk.

Sane Guy: Eww no she has chunk in the trunk.

Hopeful Guy: Gross.
by Cvickst July 13, 2010
From the Latin word "pinkus," meaning "one with vagina," Nick Pinkerton is a controversial figure in public lore, as he possesses both female genitalia and a propensity to flirt with strong men. However, somehow Nick has escaped the public eye by masquerading as a male, despite his overwhelming femininity.
Nobody should have to meet Nick Pinkerton.
by Cvickst February 27, 2011

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