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Girls: Always look their best, Weither their hair is curly or striaght its put together every morning.
Wears: Polo, Locoste, sevens, Abercrombie & American Eagle(Mostly for jeans and skirts and what not)The amount of makeup depends on the person not the group as a whole some people liek to say that all preps wear little makeup thats however not true.
Purses: Most southern preps have at least one Louis Vuitton, coach, dooney and burke, kate spade, prada, fendi or christian Dior.
As far as jewlery it's a misconception once again to say that diamonds are not wore because most preps acutaly do wear them. Pearls are worn to but mostly for more conservative ones.
Cars: always somthing clasic but not too flashy, and "pimped out" cars arent acceplatble.
Sarah's new bmw is so cute!
by Cutedancer05 July 25, 2005

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