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Step 1) eat a spicy middle eastern meal. Preferably one rich in spices of curry, fenugreek and cumin. Step 2) take a shit in a plastic grocery bag. Step 3) sneak up behind the unsuspecting victim. Step 4) Slam the bag of shit over their head while yelling "Jihad to the infidels".
Terrance the rogue U.S. Marine took matters into is own hands by removing the headwear of the Taliban member and replacing with a Rusty Turban
by Curtmandingo January 16, 2010
A phenomenon that happens when a person puts on a pair of Wrangler jeans. The spread, lift and elongation of the butt cheeks due to the tailoring of rednecks favorite pants.
"When I was cruising the trailer park I spotted Beth (who usually has a nice ass) but she was sporting Wranglers, showing off her hot dog buns".
by Curtmandingo January 10, 2010
The passive irrigation and fertilization that occurs to a mans hairy ass crack while he sleeps.
"I had to wipe right when I woke up due overactive night garden activity".
by Curtmandingo January 10, 2010
When you are so far in debt that winning the lottery wouldn't even pay off your bills.
Due to credit card companies raising rates on their cards upwards of 30% the average American doesn't have a Jackpot to piss in.
by Curtmandingo January 16, 2010

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