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7 definitions by Curtis Jackson

The greatest song ever recorded.
Many men wish death upon me,
Blood in my eye dawg and I can't see.
by Curtis Jackson July 09, 2004
49 18
cheap stuff,
hip hop stuff
mixed dvd
mixed cds
mixed music dvds
frankie krutches and flava entertainmment mixed dvds , 50cent and eminem merchandise
by curtis jackson June 30, 2004
4 4
the plural of bling bling
cadillac escalades are like bling bling
cadillac escalades with lambo doors and spinner wheels are bling blang!!!!
by CURTIS JACKSON April 30, 2004
5 5
its a lovley expression of cussin on tv
yo man where da $%§"& at???
by curtis jackson February 22, 2005
4 8
yo yall gotta stop hatin itz true, g unit and 50 cent are probably a phase, but for now just sit yo bitchass self down and enjoy their music!
My buddy, my buddy
Wherever I go, he go
My buddy, my buddy
Can run for your life on the stick up out the window
My buddy, my buddy
I lay your ass out mothafucka is simple
Stay in your place I recommend or say hello to my litte friend-My Buddy, "Beg for Mercy"
by Curtis Jackson December 06, 2003
7 31
ME!!!! I made this shit up!!
50 cent nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo shit bling bling??
my shit bling blang!!
by CURTIS JACKSON April 30, 2004
9 53
A gun that looks like a normal 9mm, but is made out of ceramics and cannot be detected by metal detecters.
I got through the metal detectors without my glock being detected.
by Curtis Jackson March 23, 2003
5 194