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1.)An example of a person being too mentally "into" ghetto subjects, clothes, music, or ways of life. These people normally speak ghetto slang-and when writing drop letters or replace letterss in words. They mostly live, speak, dress, talk, and breath ghetto, even when they aren't.

2.)The mentality of someone from the ghetto.

3.)The mentalistic way someone thinks/acts after viewing a ghetto based movie, show, or area.

4.)Kinda what people that are compared to Malibu's most wanted are.
Eric: "So how's that blonde chick you're going out with?"

Tony: "Horrible she got a strong ghetto mentality!"

Eric: "What you mean dude?"

Tony: "When we went to L.A. she wanted a room at a motel in the center of the East side"
by Curt A.K.A. Curtis Mayfield March 07, 2008
1.)When you are bored and just start drinking beers.

2.)When someone has already given you a beer.

3.)When the foam from a beer gets on your chin, thus having a beer beard, known as a beerd.
-I don't know but since Charlie isn't answering his phone he's probably got beerd.

-Jose:"Hey I'm going back in the house you need a beer?"
Marty:"Naw man I've already been beerd."

-I wonder why those chicks keep giggling and looking down here? Ah I gotta take a piss...<Looks in mirror sees a beerd on his chin> Shit!...
by Curt A.K.A. Curtis Mayfield March 08, 2008
1.)A guy that shaves his crotch.

2.)#1 is the only defintion needed...

3.)Refer to #1 and #2.
-When we went to the locker room the other day, this guy was a total Shavale.

-The word orginates from shave and male.
by Curt A.K.A. Curtis Mayfield March 08, 2008
What pervertedly lazy teenagers, preferably the ones from Chicago draw while sitting in *Physics* class. Especialy at Curie high school. Especialy by certain females... You know who you are.
*Hehe look at me, I'm drawing Pornographic Stick Figures! Boobies! hahahaha... ahhhh *sighs*
by Curt A.K.A. Curtis Mayfield February 06, 2009
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