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A hopeless little island. People are always depressed and in a rush. In most areas, and in most cases, it's the fucking boonies. The education system here is horrible, and a little one-bedroom apartment is through the fucking roof.

Long Island is a miserable little hell-hole that is roughly an hour or so away from the greatest city in the world. Definitely one of the worst places to live in the world, considering that you're only an hour away from the greatest city in the world.
Long Island sucks. EXAMPLE(S): Little Johnny goes to school miserable, and then comes home with alcoholic and needle injecting parents that nag about the lawn. People fighting with thick accents about the quickest way to get to Subway, and ugly 40-year old girls who think they're cute for hitting on a 22 year old.
by Currency Counter January 14, 2012

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