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descriptive of an informative article or other text written in the form of a narrative; commonly follows the author's train of thought and explains how the author came about information and why the author chose to seek it out. Because the text usually uses with frequency the personal pronoun 'I' it was coined the i-seek
The professor loves i-seek essays.

It's more interesting to read i-seek articles.
by Cunjo November 16, 2004
From the game EVNova, Drop bears are fabricated creatures used as an excuse to rip off gullible tourists in the territory of the Auroran Faction. Drop bears are fabricated to drop from high ceilings in spaceports and knock visitors unconscious; the visitors then come to in medical units with high medical bills. The true identity of a drop bear is a thug who is on intimate terms with the medical staff and knows how to scam people out of money by knocking them unconscious. to further the scam, these thugs sell cans of 'drop-bear repellent' to anyone gullible enough to buy it; if someone buys it, then they are deemed gullible enough to later knock unconscious and pin the blame on the fabricated 'drop bear'.

offering to sell someone drop-bear repellent is a crative and highly round-about way of calling them gullible
hey, you want to buy some drop-bear repellent?

why? what's a drop-bear?

by Cunjo November 12, 2004
1) A crature of unmatched wit and ferocity; legends are born of those that have survived unarmed combat with them. Debuted in Ambrosia's most popular PC game, EV Nova.

2) The fursona of a former EV Nova plugin developer; also goes by Mobius, Ctarl-Ctarl, and Vigilante Samurai amongst others, but is the one and only Cunjo
A common misconception is that a Cunjo would just as soon bite your head off and eat you as look at you; in reality, the Cunjo would probably only disembowel you and shred you to ribbons -- to a Cunjo, humans aren't nearly as good tasting as they are fun to kill.

Koonjo - Cunjo's arch-nemesis says: Muahahahahaa!

Cunjo says: Get a life; I hear they're on sale at wal-mart this time of year.
by Cunjo November 21, 2004
3D (n.) A word sometimes used in reference to the internet.

How "internet" became 3D:

First, some intellectuals said, "let's call the internet the World Wide Web, because it sounds cooler and can be shortened to WWW." and the World Wide Web and WWW was born.

Next, some people said "WWW (doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou) is too hard to say in normal conversation, and Heaven forbid we should be reduced to using 'World Wide Web' 'cause acronyms are just cooler. Let's shorten it to dub-dub-dub which can stand for WWW" and Dub-Dub-Dub was born.

Once AOLers were introduced to dub-dub-dub, they said "dub-dub-dub takes too long to type out in IRC where we like to ruin our social lives in l33t style. Let's make it an acronym so that we can say things like 'WTF? u on teh DDD? omg, u r teh ROXORZ LOL!'" and DDD was born.

Then the n00bs said something to the effect of, "W7F? 73H UB3R DDD H45 N0 NUMB3R5 1N 17!!!11!!1 137S M4K3 17 3D 1N5734D!!1!1!!" and 3D was born.
dude, you know that one site on teh 3d? they just like stopped or somethin, that one other site musta hurt their ratings.
by Cunjo October 12, 2004
see also dub dub dub a bastardization of WWW because WWW is too hard to say.
go to dub-dub-dub dot fuckmicrosoft dot com
by Cunjo October 12, 2004
acronym for Head Mother Fucker In Charge, usually used when referring to an incompetent boss or leader.
"that dumbass is the HMFIC of the company."
by Cunjo July 22, 2004
An alternate acronym for AOL used to describe it's service. This use of AWOL originated from the idea that all of AOL's redeeming features are habitually Absent Without Leave.
"D@mn, AWOL is really laggy today."
by Cunjo July 23, 2004
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