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The word 'cunderblunt' means disorganization, chaos, panic, or just general incompetence and stupidity among a large group of people. While he word itself is not considered profane, one of its derivatives is highly offensive: it is a fusion of the words 'blunder' and 'cunt.'

It can also be used as an insult towards individuals who have made some sort of error, effectively calling them a blundering cunt, but is generally used to describe any kind of logistical fuck-up that creates widespread disorder and kerfuffle, similar to a chinese fire-drill, usually made more frustrating by not having any particular individual to blame it on.

"I'm broke till next week- there's been all manner of cunderblunt at the DSS'

"Man-U's defence went to complete cunderblunt in the second half"

"News just in: the cunderblunt in the Middle-East has reached a record high!"

or less frequently:

"You were supposed to remove his LEFT kidney, you cunderblunt!"
by Cunderblunt April 26, 2009

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