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Someone who ejaculates onto peoples faces.
Did you here about Fred?
he gave his girlfriend another facial
he is such a face jizzer
by Cum and Get It July 21, 2010
The view you get when people bend over and the top of their butt crack can be seen.
Look at her bending over, you can totally see her Bum Cleavage
by Cum and Get It August 04, 2010
1) When you cum in your boxer shorts, leaving them sticky. Usually caused by either having a wet dream or by jacking off.

2) Shorts worn by a females that are so tight they hug the girls bum cleavage, so it can be clearly seen. Sometimes also associated with cameltoes. So named as they appear to stick to the bum.
1) I dreamt about my girlfriend naked last night, but when I woke up, I found I had sticky shorts

2) Did you see that ass - she was totally wearing sticky shorts
by Cum and Get It August 04, 2010

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