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I have just fitted a blower to the Cuda
by Cudaman September 06, 2003
All nerds share one common attribute; they think they are more intelligent than normal people. However, there are many types of nerd, here are a few:

* Computer nerd: Usually very fat and very pail. Computer nerds are incapable of carrying out any physical activity more strenuous than typing on a keyboard, they often exhibit terrible body odour and show little care for their appearance.

* Goth nerd: Obviously the goth nerd wears black clothes, they are usually into stupid interpretations of Wicca and/or role-playing games. Curiously for nerds they often don’t smell too bad.

* Metal nerd: Metal nerds once again wear black clothes, they also have long hair and have the most rancid body odour of all nerds. Obviously they listen to heavy metal music.

* Retired nerd: These are over the age of 70 and are usually into collecting some meaningless thing; like stamps or bottle caps, or anything else that is incredibly boring.
Nerds smell.

I hate nerds.

by Cudaman September 06, 2003

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