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A nickname I given t ohe most beautiful girl i've fallen for. She is smart, funny, and the only eyes id spend my entire life staring at, just to figure her out. Shes like a mystery, always wanting to find out more about her, yet I can never truly understand her. She makes me absolutely crazy for her and a moment holding her in my arms brings me back to sanity. She has long wavy brown hair and a forehead I love to kiss. She has the most incredible eyes and the cutest nose I love to play with. She has the softest cheeks and the hottest pair of lips I love to bite. The way she pouts them makes me melt inside. She has the body of a goddess and has the cutest feet with the smallest pink toe ever. I never anything before her. She gives me this feeling which no one has ever given to me before and that its only for her. I hate that I'm this crazy for her and I hate that i feel all this when Im this young. I know shes the one already and Im willing to go through whatever to be with her for the rest of my life. I hate it so much that I start to hate myself for it and I just wish I would dissapear sometimes so I could run away from all this. Yet I know I cant bare to be without her.....I love this girl too much....
Cuckoo is fucking crazy for Pineapple
by Cuckoo11508 June 24, 2009
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