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(n. pl.) Human resources policy documents, non-disclosure agreements, sexual harassment prevention training, workplace safety manuals, corporate mission statements, and other information that employees are required to read on a regular basis, even though the information has little or no bearing on 1) the reality of the workplace, or 2) the actual job function the employees perform. Most mandatoria is at least two years out-of-date and were written by HR drones who were laid off a few years ago.
Dude, the orientation to our new corporate branding and strategic transformation initiative was so long that it took me three days just to read through all the mandatoria.
by Cube Dweller 14-R December 18, 2009
(n) Meeting room or area that is often used by managers, officers, or other organizational leaders to deliver bad news, reprimand, or admonish groups of staff for poor performance.
"Anuj, where is the quarterly meeting? I heard a rumor that they're going to announce a new transformational initiative."

"It's in the negatorium on the main floor."
by Cube Dweller 14-R December 18, 2009

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