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2 definitions by CtrlAltDelete

To Breakdown, rebuild, and make more awesome!
-''Did you know there are 100 new words in the english dictionary?"
-"Not yet, I usually wait for my news to be DeFranco-fy"
by Ctrlaltdelete August 14, 2012
The word used by the character in every action film with some form of comedy, who need persuading to help in the quest of the main characters.

The characters are always in the same form, be it the:

-Guy who has given up
-Guy who was hurt by main character or
-The fat shithead who makes you sit in the cinema for a whole 5 minutes more than needed just cause he wants something in return.
Main character(s): Can you tell us where he is?

Child: No! You were mean to me! I wont tell you!

Child: Unless...

-Main character(s) now shown in next scene usually doing or wearing something completely moronic.
by CtrlAltDelete May 16, 2009