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A small piece of unidentifiable litter, typically smaller than a marble, that is wet or moist.
Mom (in the bathroom at home): Yuck! What is this chummie on the sink?

Teenage son (slips into the bathroom behind mom): I don't know (as he hides the porn under the Good Housekeeping magazine)
by Cshell April 04, 2011
An unattractive woman with few morals and a loose vagina. A Skitchy Bamf will typically infect a person with any number of sexually transmitted diseases because she will likely have them all. A Skitchy Bamf is not fun to look at, but if you're looking for a sure thing, she'll do just about anything...but your dick might just fall off...
Dan: Did you see that Skitchy Bamf that Joe is hookin' up with?

Jeff: Yeah, Kirk said that when she gave Joe her number some guy at the bar told him that they call her the Yeast Beast. He didn't tell Joe 'cause he wanted to get him back for dropping his iphone in the toilet.
by Cshell April 04, 2011
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