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a line on an globe that splits between continents and the north and the south .
My teacher showed us the equater on an globe.
by crystal August 22, 2003
a shitty girl band with stereotypes such as the punk, the biker chick, the white gangster girl, the prep, and the weed smoking hippie. All their fans are dumbasses. I'm suprised they even have fans.
Wow this huckapoo band is really shitty. Man i gotta go listen to some rock music to purify my ears.
by Crystal April 15, 2005
something/someone or something done that is nasty/dirty or someone that is ugly or nasty lookin
"Eww ... that bitch look triflin"

"A hoe that just sucked dick.. "that bitch is triflin"
by CrYsTaL March 19, 2005
to have sex, or having sex
"you guyz boofing?"
by Crystal May 30, 2004
A drink known as fizz. When you drink it, you are fizzin.
Hey Mike, Are you fizzin?
by Crystal April 20, 2005
small town ghetto town 30 minutes out of atlanta. home of the band cartel and interenational horse park. also known as "c-town" by the locals.
yo dawg I gotta go to the C-TOWN aka conyers.
by crystal June 19, 2006
A horizontal underground rock formation that is younger that the surrounding rock.
while digging the well we hit a dyke.
by Crystal March 09, 2005

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