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Rahurm (n) Rahurms, pl - an individual who poses as a legitimate participant in a group activity with the underlying attempt to acquire an item outside of the regulatory system defined by the activity's group. The decision to acquire the item may be held well in advance or decided upon at any stage during the activity. The individual is not considered a "rahurm" unless the item is acquired through a specific series of events as follows:

1) The system of item distribution decided by the group is promoted by the individual to be termed henceforth as "Rahurm" (often while in a pre-rahurm state).
2) The system decides the winner of the item to be distributed, and the winner decided by the system is not "Rahurm".
3) "Rahurm" bypasses the system and takes the item for himself/herself, rather then allowing the decided winner of the distribution system to acquire it.
4) "Rahurm" immediately removes himself/herself from the group and the activity, ceasing communication.

It is worth noting that at this point, the individual may officially be termed as "Rahurm" or "a rahurm" as they have met the necessary requirements for this label. There are further additional steps which may or may not be considered optional towards the (often negative) distinction of being "Rahurm"; these steps include, but are not limited to: Apologizing in private to the individual that the distribution system deemed as the winner, offering compensation for the item in question (the compensation must not be given), and publicly promoting the acquiring of the item in question and/or defending of the method of acquiring.

Rahurm (v) rahurm'd/rahurmed, rahurming - To go through the series of events, or a specific point within a series of events, that demote an individual to the status of Rahurm.

Synonyms include: Ninja, Ninja Looter, Faggot, Cunt
"Hello, My names Paw... and I'm a Rahurm Looter..."

"Its been a little over a year since I Rahurm'd anything.... i remember it like it was Yesterday."

"That Pristine Hide of the Beast was too Tempting... It was Pruple FFS!!!
Purple... *starts to twitch* PURPLE!"
by Cryptorac August 11, 2008

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