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A tobacco cigarette that has powder cocaine inside of it. Coco Puffs are not marijuana joints with cocaine. That is called a joint laced with cocaine.

Coco Puffs are smoked mostly by powder cocaine users who just want to ingest their cocaine in a different way. Usually made at the end of nights for some reason. Since they usually smoke, coco puffs are a welcome addition to the same old snorting. There are also the rare people who smoke weed, are anti-cocaine, but believe that if you smoke powder cocaine it is not addictive so if they are in a group of coke users, they will only smoke coco puffs if someone has one.

You make a coco puff like this:

-Slice a long slit down a cigarette with your razor blade trying not to fluff up the tobacco. Do not cut the whole thing open.
-Sprinkle in some powder cocaine.
-Carefully take a rolling paper and rip the 'glue' part. Lick it and seal the slit. Or, you can just re-role the whole cigarette with the rolling paper.

Light and pass around. You will not notice a strong high unless you use powered crack cocaine. If you do use powdered down crack cocaine, it is no longer a coco puff.
"Hey Fabio, my nose is killing me after a long night of partying at the Roxbury. Lets have some coco puffs when we get home."
"Sure. Let me check my pack of smokes to see if we have enough to make a few."
"Nice Fabio! You da man"
"No, YOU da man!"
by CrushCrush December 14, 2009
When you have drank/smoked too much, to the point the room feels like it's spinning, or YOU feel like you are spinning.

You need to be SITTING/LYING DOWN OR RESTING for the spins definition to be met.

If you are standing up/dancing/active and the room is going sideways while trying to walk, that would mean you are pissed.

Throwing up will cure the spins. It is also possible to wake up with the spins if you do not throw up.
You got back home after drinking and laid on your back in your bed. You roll over on your side, but you feel like you are still spinning over and over in circles. You then lay on your back again to minimize the spins and stare up at the ceiling and it feels like the room is traveling.
by CrushCrush December 20, 2009
A term used around parts of Atlanta to refer to DXM AKA Skittles.

Made popular by rap artist 'DG Yola' with his track 'Vital Beans'
"Hey where can I get some skittles"
"What is that?"
"You know.. those red and blue round things that contain DXM"
"Oh you mean those VITAL BEANS"
"Umm.. sure.. yeah the Vital Beans"
by CrushCrush December 14, 2009

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