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The first k-pop group ever to backstab their leader and diss their fans, resulting in a massive wave of their private information held by stalker fans to the public.

After their leader Park Jaebum left because he said Korea was gay on his myspace as a teenager, his fans went crazy and protested and vandalized buildings with post-its over rumors that he was forced to leave by the company.

This led to a company-2PM-fan meeting in the end of February, which ended with disastrous results as apparently the group and company knows shit about PR. So pretty much there are thousands of pissed off fans that turned into anti-fans and are spreading rumors or whatever about the 2PM guys private lives.

So yeah everythings looking shitty on them right now, but before all of this, they were THE BEASTIEST MEN ON THE PLANET and started a whole new wave and genre of k-pop idol groups.

Too bad.
2PM broke the bro code. BIG TIME BRUTHAS
by Crunchieyo March 02, 2010

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