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A sexually discomfiting prank whereby the actor, in the presence of several others in a confined area (such as an elevator), covers his crotch] and proceeds to slowly and steadily approach the victim, impressing his pelvic region upon him, moaning and assuming the blank expression of the walking undead (i.e., a zombie).

The purpose of this is to annoy the victim while providing amusement for friends or bystanders within the confined area. If more than one person joins in on the proceedings, it becomes a crotch zombie swarm.

The purpose of covering the actual crotch with one's hands is to provide a physical bulwark of heterosexuality, or no homo.
Man, I crotch zombied Steve real bad in the elevator the other day.
by CrotchZombieCom January 06, 2007
A single paternal parent, usually a widower (man whose spouse has died).

Used in place of "mom," when referring to someone's deceased mother in a usu. disparaging way.
Guy: Man, I totes] fucked you mom last ni...I mean, uh, I fucked your "dadmom."

Dude: My dadmom?

Guy: Uh, yeah.

by CrotchZombieCom November 02, 2007

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