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Sickass food chain that hangovers rely on. Most have free refils, hence kids sitting in there for hours sipping coke and eating cookies. FTW!

Subway. Eat fresh.
a) you are what you eat, so eat fresh!
b) mmm subway
by crosswords November 02, 2008
Someone who is usually an attractive male and over 18, that persues underage girls (juvies). These guys are generally popular on the local scene - being music, parties, ect. Usually acts as a taxi/booze buyer for these girls, and get's hook up's or other sexual favours in return. Is notorious and known for it.
Damn, Jamie's hooked up with like six 15 year olds tonight, what a juvie slayer!
by crosswords November 05, 2008
Willing to eat almost anything, edible or inedible alike.
My dog Levon is goatesque in his oral consumptions.
by Crosswords June 02, 2015
A long-range plan for achieving something but due to being so poorly thought through can only lead to a bad result
The new CEO has just communicated all the assumptions he made which inform his new stragedy for the company
by CrossWords February 14, 2012

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