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Marz is an interesting character, in that they are the individual who is impossible to read. This individual is a man of many things; a man of the arts, philosophy, politics, war, peace, etc. One could almost say this is a man of who knows no boundaries, but is seeking the balance in all things. Marz is strongly opinionated, but speaks with experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Marz is also a man who believes strongly in speaking the truth and nothing else, even if it is brutally honest. His basic principle is, if you don't want to hear an opinion, do not ask for it. Marz is also considered a man who believes in walking a calm and peaceful life, but understands that sometimes it necessary to pick up the "sword" (i.e. words or weapon.) in order to maintain the peace.
Person: "März, do these pants make my butt look big?"

Marz: "Yes."

Person: "How could you say that?!"

Marz: "Why did you ask?"
by Cross11 July 11, 2013
N.E.W.B.S. is a machinima, halo based web series. Following the story of Ted, Buzz, and Jim as they attempt to protect their base from the enemy team only to continuously mess things up and cause havoc for themselves and commanding officers.
N.E.W.B.S. episode 3: Learning to Share

Buzz: "You're an idiot."

Jim: "And you're a douchebag."
by Cross11 August 19, 2013

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