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When two people of the same gender use their reproductive organs to pleasure each other.

Male 1 sucks Male 2's penis. Then, Male 2 sucks Make 1's penis. Male 1 then licks Male 2's asshole. Male 1 then puts a condom on his penis and puts lubricant on his penis and Male 2's asshole. Male 1 inserts his penis into Male 2's asshole carefully. After awhile, Male 1 violently penetrates Male 2 rapidly. A long time after that, Male 1 quickly takes his penis out of Male 2 and produces semen all over Male 2. Then Male 2 produces his semen on Male 1.
Male 1: "Let's have gay sex!"
Male 2: "I've been waiting for to say that!"

Male 1: "Oh yeah! Suck my dick! Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Yes! Yes!"
Male 2: "Fuck me!"
Male 1: "Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And Boom goes the dynamite!"
by Crop Dusting June 26, 2014
1. Boyfriend or Girlfriend
2. Ghosts use this word
3. You say this during a bad performance.
4. Word used by young people to make someone stop looking at them.
1. "Hey, boo!" ;) <3

2. "Boo!"
3. "Boooo! You stink!"
4. "Boo!! You want something B*tch?! Why you lookin' at me then!? Your ugly self is so irritatin'!!"
by Crop Dusting June 15, 2014
A fart that splatters shit with it.
Tom: "I just sharted in the toilet."
Judy: "Ewww! TMI Tom!"
by Crop Dusting June 21, 2014
Asdf really has no meaning, but some people tend to be confused when someone talks about it or says it.
1. Asdf are the four keys you put the four fingers on your left hand on a computer keyboard.
2. Asdf is also the name of a series of cartoon comics on YouTube by a guy named TomSka.
Asdf is a really funny cartoon!
by Crop Dusting June 16, 2014
Butt Sweat
The person who sat here last got the seat all warm and covered with booty juice.
by Crop Dusting June 15, 2014
A gay sex term. Male 2 is upside down and Male 1 is above him. Male 1 sticks his penis down into Male 2 and "drills" him.
He is drilling that guys ass.
by Crop Dusting June 27, 2014
~Onomotoepia~ A sound effect usually used for a mushy object hitting something solid.
by Crop Dusting June 21, 2014

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