5 definitions by Crogs

Background: From the Internet, found on message boards. Used to flame a user.

Definition: To commit suicide. Literally to end one's self.
You suck at life, just /yourself.
by Crogs August 05, 2004
Slang, refers to Walpole, MA (USA).
"Dude, you have to come visit The Pole and we'll hang out sometime"
by Crogs August 12, 2004
Having homosexual qualities. Usually used in reference to males.
Man, that tight pink shirt and leather pants make you look so zaloop!
by Crogs April 15, 2004
Person: Smart, average looking male. Good friend and trustworthy. A good time always ensues when he is around.
"Let's all go to Crogs house to play some Madden!"
by Crogs August 12, 2004
The virtual representation of Crogs.
"Man, Virtual Crogs just upgraded to version 3.5!"
by Crogs August 13, 2004

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