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The opposite of cool. Can be used to describe an event, person, or episode. Thus it could be used to describe a gammin event, a gammin cunt, or something thats plain gammin!
Steve: Hey man I got fired today!
Zed: That shit is gammin!
by Crix March 18, 2004
Term used by stoners in dhaka bangladesh that is used to describe abnormal highness associated with weed smoking and other drugs. A super high that is reached by stoners that reach the limit of their highness but wanna reach another level of high.
Rupok: Hey man you guys going tommorrow?
Adnan: where we going?
Rupok: Sayeed's place apparently...
Alvi: I cant ...
Rupok, Adnan: Why?
Alvi: Because hes a dickhead and Im getting Abdul High tommorrow....
by Crix June 29, 2005
burried into something, can't get out of the situation or do not want to get out of the situation
I was "knee deep" in some fine ass when my Nextel goes off.........
by crix November 02, 2003
ready to go, ready to get into the action
My girl was rarin' to go, she had on fly high heel joints, and a come and get that ass, mini skirt.
by crix November 04, 2003
A mythical planet where stoners come from. A place often reffered to by historians and philosophers as the mother planet of the world's greatest liars and scoundrels
Roddy: Wheres that geezer?
Adam: He just rang. He's not coming!
Roddy: That gammin cunt Whats he doing tonight then?
Zed: Hes going to Gammatron!
by Crix November 11, 2003
a friend, someone that you know
When meeting up with your boy or talking on the phone, you say, "Whats up Cutty"
by crix November 02, 2003
a fat lazy geeser. A pathological liar that thrills himself in other peoples misfortunes. A creature that commits no less than 40 sins per day including gluttony, sloth, and greediness. A hot-tempered weed fiend that loves his rugby...
Mat: Who ate my Coco Pops?
Mihau: It was Chicka!!!
Mat: That fucking cunt
by Crix November 11, 2003
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