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When there are no higher words to use. Perfect to use in comical situations.
Like you may have just passed someone with a "quality" mullet, or what that person said when they were waiting on you, but you didn't want to laugh in their face. That my friend was a "quality moment" possibilities are endless....
by Crittercratter December 01, 2005
A dingleberry is the marriage of poo and toilet paper. That eventually entangle itself all up in your ass-pubes. Like a cacoon of particles that should have gone down with the rest.
You really don't know you are sporting a choice dingleberry unless, you are all up in your ass scratching, and damn near scream when you rip that nasty nest from your crack. It'll wake you up, and hopefully encourage a good shower to follow!
by Crittercratter December 01, 2005

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