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A financially balanced area on eastern Long Island, although it does have more than its fair share of affluent people. If you want to visit a place with hardly as many "cidiots", "lidiots", or any other kind of idiot, try coming to the North Fork of Long Island (AKA jamesport, mattituck, cutchogue, southold, Greenport, and orient point). It's just as beautiful, hardly as expensive, and about half as busy in summer months.
Lori: "James and I decided to mix it up this year and rent a house in greenport, on the north fork." Peggy: "Isn't it all farms and vineyards up there? Yeah, not my thing, i'll stick to the hamptons." Lori: "Not entirely, there are a bunch of wonderful small towns and a lot of down to earth people."
by Cristobal90 December 28, 2011
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